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Maintaining Your Weight After Protelan – Protelan Slimming Product – Weight Loss

Maintaining Your Weight After Protelan

How should you eat after achieving your ideal weight with Protelan?

So you achieved your ideal weight by using Protelan and you need to maintain this weight afterwards.  Our recommendations to maintain your ideal weight are as follows;

Only one of the following options should be chosen.

• 1 slice of oat, whole grain or rye bread
• 2 slices of law-fat white or kashar cheese (60 – 80 gr)
• 3 dessert-spoonful of honey or molasses or jam (if desired)
• 1 tomato and cucumber
• 3–4 whole olives
• 4 spoons of oatmeal or 4 spoons of muesli without dried fruits
• 1 spoon of honey or molasses
• 1 bowl of (300ml) law-fat yoghurt or milk


Only one of the following options should be chosen.


1st option: Meat (red meat, chicken, turkey, fish) up to 150 grams which should be weighed before cooking. This should never be cooked in oil. (It should be boiled, steamed, roasted or grilled)


2nd Option: You may eat one serving of vegetables (except for potatoes) boiled or grilled using one dessert-spoonful of oil (you can use olive oil or sunflower seed oil). (for example, 3 grilled eggplants or mushrooms stir fried with tomatoes and peppers)


3rd Option: 2 eggs (boiled, hard boiled, pouched or scrambled together with tomatoes and pepper or with spinach using one dessert-spoonful of olive or sunflower seed oil or in the form of an omelette)


4th Option: Red beans, black beans, chick peas (which amount to a full soup-bowl in cooked form) can be cooked in their usual manner but only one dessert-spoonful of olive oil should be used, this can be served hot or cold.


5th Option: Brown rice, brown rice salad or pasta (which should not exceed one soup-bowl in cooked form) should be cooked using 1 dessert-spoonful of oil and should not be consumed with any other protein source. For instance; yoghurt, any kind of meat, cheese, etc.


• These can be eaten together with salad or yoghurt (except for the 5th one).
• Items on dinner and lunch are interchangeable.
• The options above should be added only one dessert-spoonful of olive oil. (Do not exceed one dessert-spoonful of olive oil a day)
In addition to this, 3 servings of fruits should be added to any time of the day (1 serving = 1 grapefruit), small fruits (such as strawberries, cherries, plums, etc.) should amount to one handful, melons or watermelons should be eaten in one thin slice.

2.5 to 3 litres of water should be drunk per day, this excludes tea or coffee to be consumed within the day.
Absolutely no sugar should be added to herbal teas, tea or coffee. (Sweeteners can be used if desired.)

You should walk or exercise for 45-60 minutes at least 3 times a week.

• You should check your weight once a week. (not every day) Because, due to the stress, adrenalin and cortisone are released by your body and this slows down your weight loss process.

• You may not lose weight every week. (having coincided with the menstrual period for women, due to water retention within the body, slow metabolism, infectious diseases and so on). Do not let this lower your spirits. If you stick to your dietary program during the following week, your body will continue to lose weight.

• You may eat milk puddings or fruity desserts 2 times a week. Do not eat bakery desserts!

• DO NOT WORRY if you eat too much for 1 MEAL of the day. Just eat salad and yoghurt for lunch and dinner for the next day. Do not eat anything else. You won’t gain weight. Then skip to the diet above.