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Protelan Slimming Product – Weight Loss – Protelan Slimming Product – Weight Loss

What is Protelan?

How Is It Used?

After 3 Weeks Of Use

Protelan Legal Disclaimer

Protelan Nutritional Values

1 package of Protelan (30gr) prepared with semi-skimmed milk or 250 grams of yoghurt

Every person has an ideal weight in which he or she can pursue a healthy life, in which the metabolism works in the most efficient way and in which one is in a good mood. Factors such as big cities, work, stress, inactivity, poor nutrition and so on strays people away from their ideal weight. People who desires to return to their ideal weights, however, fail in the diets they follow or they go towards a more problematic direction because of strict and challenging diets which do not suit themselves.

Protelan was formulated by Dr. Murat TOPOĞLU and it has been produced for you to attain your objectives in the healthiest way possible. Dr. Murat TOPOĞLU’s experience he had with thousands of patients throughout his 33 years of career in medicine and our product offered together with the Protelan diet which can be applied by everyone easily will always be by your side along the way…


It is produced in compliance with the codex for foods intended for use in energy-restricted diets for weight reduction according to Turkish Food Codex (COMMUNIQUE FOR FOOD NO: 2013/3).  It is a supplement that can replace one or more meal(s) as a part of your daily diet.